About Us


Our Mission

RIVET is your partner for creating, growing and managing communications, marketing and branding programs. We work with you to uncover the stories you need to tell, build a solid program foundation, and ensure your program maps to your business objectives. Equally important, we roll-up our sleeves and get the work done.


Our Experience

RIVET helps companies articulate their mission by combining visions and values into cohesive messages that reach key stakeholders. This requires strategy, planning and execution. We have a long history of planning, building and managing communications programs for enterprise and consumer technologies, including consumer electronics, IoT devices, collaboration tools, digital media, networking equipment and security platforms. 


Our Clients

RIVET shapes programs for large global brands and works with venture-backed start-ups from launch to acquisition. We tackle a single project or manage an entire program. We impact a single market or influence an entire industry. You have a story, and we want to tell it.