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RIVET will create, grow and manage your communications programs. 

RIVET Communications


RIVET is founded and managed by marketing veteran Stacy Libby, who brings her experience, energy and vision to every client. Stacy has a long history of planning, building and managing communications programs for companies around the world. She specializes in turning chaos into order.

RIVET offers a broad range of marketing and communications services to propel your business. Send us a message today, and let’s explore how we can work together.


Communications Partner

“You will not find a more intelligent and dedicated communications professional. Stacy is passionate about the power of good communications and its influence on brands. She's seen enough ups and downs in this industry to spot the trendlines and stay ahead of the competition. She knows when to be strategic and when to execute; and she’s a stickler for adhering to a defined process that can be measured and course-corrected when necessary. From leading a team to mentoring the people around her, Stacy will improve any program she leads.”

Matthew Podboy, Vice President Global Corporate Communications, BlueJeans Network


Business Partner

“Stacy brought her years of Silicon Valley experience to my UK-based team. She dived right into our business, gathered thoughts and concepts from our many leaders, and then created a top-notch narrative and communications program. She brought new ideas to the team, and pushed them to challenge the status quo. Stacy is a creative, reliable and trustworthy business partner.”

Cameron Ward, Senior Vice President, RS Components

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